Tim Drake Costume Extravaganza!

This is web site that introduces people to the many types of costumes and suits that Tim Drake has had over the years.

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Robin III

Tim was the first Robin to wear pants! (you can thank him for that, Damian Wayne)

The Red Robin

This costume showed many things about Tim. It showed the dark path that Tim was going through, as his costume said Batman all over it.

The Unternet Suit

This particular costume is hard to discribe. Though, many people agree that this costume was the best. Even is it was in the comics for a short period of time, tons of people love this one.

The New 52 Re-design

I'm just going to say it. This new costume made Tim look like a Vegas Showgirl. The 'wings' on his suit are just a hazard, and many DC fans wouls agree with me. The New 52 is a reboot made by DC, which practically changed major parts of the comics. They even changed the BatBoy's origin stories! They took the Drake family out of the Flying Grayson's death, which makes a huge difference.


The Drake costume is Tim's current codename. Though, many would agree that calling himseld, 'Drake' isn't that original. But Red Robin isn't that original either, so let's just let this one slide. I think by Tim calling himself this, he's follwing what Dick Grayson did, by calling himself, 'Grayson' in the new spy comic, Grayson.